How A Powerful Mission Can Make Your Company Stand Out

Raymond Smith of Blacksmith’s Breads

Raymond Smith returned to his hometown of Long Beach with a mission. His goal was to bring “real food” to the South Shore of Long Island by making it easy to get quality local bread and baked goods. He knew from his experience working at the Blue Hill at Stone Barns that to accomplish this he would need to focus on the grains and the baking process. Today his bakery, Blacksmith’s Breads, is always packed with customers. His clients jump at the opportunity to buy flaky croissants and tangy sourdough bread. The demand from local restaurants for Raymond’s bread is so high there is a waiting list just to place an order! His typical bread products include crispy Country French bread, buttery brioche, and earthy Long Beach Rustic. He also makes specialty items such as sweet raisin-walnut loaf and decadent chocolate pumpernickel. Every loaf of bread baked at Blacksmith’s Breads is made with care and dedication.

Semolina and Raisin-Walnut Bread

Raymond Smith takes pride in making all his bread with local flour using mostly North Eastern regional grains. Before Blacksmith’s Breads came along Long Beach was a one bakery town and the culinary landscape was bland. Raymond showed that by sticking to his mission of “Real Bread. Real Flour. Real Food,” he could revolutionize the way locals looked at the bread and inspire a loyal following of patrons.

Croissants at Blacksmith’s Breads

To enjoy the same success as Blacksmith’s Breads, a small business needs to focus on its core mission. A common pitfall many small businesses face is not having a clear mission. They lose sight of what makes them unique. Customers want to shop at your business when they believe what you stand for. Raymond Smith uses local flour in the making of quality bread to show people what they can and should expect from their food. When you create a powerful mission the focus of your business is clear. Your mission will guide you to create interesting new products and help you direct the day to day needs of your business operations.

Blacksmith’s Breads Logo

When you have a strong mission it inspires your team to work together closely towards a common goal. It’s the mission of your company that defines what you stand for. When you advocate your mission to your employees, it results in a higher level of employee engagement and positive work culture.

Long Beach Rustic Bread

Your company’s mission serves another essential purpose. It brings customers in the door and helps with customer retention. Repeat customers are essential to a thriving business. The mission of your business will draw customers to you when they see that you have a unique company, which does not stick to the status quo of your industry. A unique business makes customers inquisitive and excited. They want to learn about it and become informed consumers.

The Storefront of Blacksmith’s Breads

Today in America there is a new business springing up on every corner. If you want to survive in the small business jungle you need a powerful mission and clear goals to succeed. Raymond’s bakery whose goal was to change how people experience bread recognized the need for a powerful mission and now his business is soaring to new heights.



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